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Claire & Raif

September 2022

Raif meets Claire on the beach and they get together. Neither of them know what lies ahead or that events will occur half a world away which will radically change both[…]

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Umbria, Abeto, Italy

Jo & Gianni

May 2022

Gianni Renzetti emerges from a sex scandal in danger of losing his position of CEO. He needs to rehabilitate his image and he needs a wife to do it. Jo is the girl next[…]

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Russian Republic, Southern Siberia

Lara & Gaetano

February 2022

This is the final part of my trilogy in which Leah and Ari finally find their lost kid sister, who was adopted. The hero is Gaetano who is a King and the heroine, Lara,[…]

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Cudillero, Spain

Leah & Gio

November 2021

Gio Zanetti is hugely successful but not in relationships. Sadly, he starts falling for a lady, who has been badly bitten on the relationship front as well and she keeps[…]

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Amalfi Coast, Italy

Cleo & Ari

April 2021

Ari idolised his father and then discovers after his death that his parent had concealed a sordid secret for many years. His image of his perfect family and childhood is[…]

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Mallorca, Spain

Gaby & Angel

April 2021

Angelino Diamandis, the ruling prince of Themos is Saif’s younger brother. A legendary womaniser, he is disconcerted when he meets the girl who rejected him at[…]

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Paris, France

Tati & Saif

March 2021

This is the first book of a duet about brothers, who from no fault of their own have grown up apart and only got to know each other as adults. Both brothers are very[…]

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Cadaques, Spain

Suzy & Ruy

January 2021

This is my runaway bride story and I’ve always wanted to write one. Although it’s a book I’ve wanted to write for a long time you have to wait until[…]

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Crete, Greece

Tansy & Jude

June 2020

Jude, a Greek billionaire needs a wife in a hurry after a former lover lets him down at the last minute. Tansy is blackmailed by her greedy stepfather into marrying him[…]

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Xmas tree

Sev & Amy

December 2019

Sev sets out to get revenge on the man who has wronged his little sister and Amy gets innocently caught up in the fallout. When she realises that Sev set her up to use[…]

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Karpathos, Greece

Tor & Pixie

November 2019

This is the first book of a duet- two books about half-brothers, who don’t speak. Tor has a deep dark secret that he has shared with no-one and then he gets drunk[…]

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Ithaki, Greece

Maya & Raffaelle

July 2019

Raffaele is a bad guy, who is happy to be a bad guy and Maya doesn’t want anything to do with him which is unfortunate when he owns all her parents’ debts.[…]

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