Work in Progress

Tansy & Jude

Jude, a Greek billionaire needs a wife in a hurry after a former lover lets him down at the last minute. Tansy is blackmailed by her greedy stepfather into marrying him but she doesn’t tell Jude that she’s bringing her baby sister with her. As someone who values honesty, this is a huge deception in […]

Sev & Amy

Sev sets out to get revenge on the man who has wronged his little sister and Amy gets innocently caught up in the fallout. When she realises that Sev set her up to use her as weapon, her world and her trust are shattered. Can she ever forgive him? And can Sev stop being such […]

Tor & Pixie

This is the first book of a duet- two books about half-brothers, who don’t speak. Tor has a deep dark secret that he has shared with no-one and then he gets drunk and has a one night stand with Pixie and life as he knows it suddenly comes crashing down when a baby is abandoned […]

Maya & Raffaelle

Raffaele is a bad guy, who is happy to be a bad guy and Maya doesn’t want anything to do with him which is unfortunate when he owns all her parents’ debts. Will she marry him and agree to have a child with him so that he can buy her grandparents’ company? Nothing between this […]

Izzy & Rafiq

I’m writing a duet-a pair of books- about non-identical twins. Izzy is my first. A student, she is working as a cleaner when a very handsome male walks out of a shower half-naked and she christens him,’ bathroom guy’. Rafiq is the future ruler of Zenara but he doesn’t admit that to Izzy and when […]

Milly & Lorenzo

This is an amnesia plot and the first I’ve tackled in a very long time. I wanted a story with loads of emotional angst and drama and here it is. Lorenzo is a banker in the middle of a much-wanted divorce. Milly is a waitress with a glamorous sister, called Brooke whom she occasionally sees. […]

Willow & Jai

To celebrate our fortieth wedding anniversary my husband and I went to India for a long and very special holiday of a lifetime. We explored the desert, rode camels, toured ancient palaces and temples, saw tigers on a wild life reserve and met so many wonderful people. We truly fell in love with the colour, […]

Letty & Leo

This is very much a Christmas story. Leo takes on his sister’s four children after she dies and even with a nanny rota struggles to cope with four kids under 5. For that reason he decides he needs a wife, a platonic wife because Leo had always kept a mistress for that side of things. […]

Belle & Dante

Dante needs to hire a live-in girlfriend to smooth a business deal and he hires Belle, a waitress he meets in Southwest France. I used Gascony where I spend spring and summer for the background for this story and even took a trip to Paris and a snazzy hotel to cover my hero and heroine’s […]

Zoe & Raj

Zoe and Raj are the characters in the third story in my trilogy. I very much enjoyed writing this book because it was a complete change of pace from the last and my very fiery heroine. I am still in France enjoying a wonderful sunny summer and relaxing. And ironically, the more relaxed I am, […]

Raffaele & Vivi

When I dreamt up the three sisters, I knew each one of them had to be different in nature. Winnie in the first book is the eldest sister and very sensible, pretty much a peacemaker. Vivi in this second book is the fighter, who can’t stand being told what to do and who values her […]

Winnie & Eros

I like to write one trilogy every year. My current book is the first of a trilogy based on three sisters who grew up in foster care. The discovery that Winnie, Vivi and Zoe have a rich grandfather might initially seem like good news when the young women approach him for help to save the […]

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