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Work in Progress

In the WIP area I will give you some background on each book along with some insights into how they came about about.

Symi, Greece

Jace & Gigi

November 2023

When the dog owned by Jace Diamandis runs amok in traffic on the island of Rhodes, Gigi saves it. Jace takes one look at the beautiful veterinary surgeon and wants her,[…]

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Raj & Sunny

August 2023

Raj Bellanger and Sunny are very different people. When their siblings die and leave behind a baby niece, Sunny applies to adopt the little girl. And then Raj gets[…]

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Aristide & Scarlett

July 2023

Aristide Angelico and Scarlett had a passionate affair, which ended in tears for Scarlett. When they meet up again the sparks fly. Aristide has no wish to commit to any[…]

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