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In the WIP area I will give you some background on each book along with some insights into how they came about about.


Claire & Raif

September 2022

Raif meets Claire on the beach and they get together. Neither of them know what lies ahead or that events will occur half a world away which will radically change both[…]

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Umbria, Abeto, Italy

Jo & Gianni

May 2022

Gianni Renzetti emerges from a sex scandal in danger of losing his position of CEO. He needs to rehabilitate his image and he needs a wife to do it. Jo is the girl next[…]

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Russian Republic, Southern Siberia

Lara & Gaetano

February 2022

This is the final part of my trilogy in which Leah and Ari finally find their lost kid sister, who was adopted. The hero is Gaetano who is a King and the heroine, Lara,[…]

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