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Work in Progress

In the WIP area I will give you some background on each book along with some insights into how they came about about.

Cudillero, Spain

Leah & Gio

November 2021

Gio Zanetti is hugely successful but not in relationships. Sadly, he starts falling for a lady, who has been badly bitten on the relationship front as well and she keeps[…]

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Amalfi Coast, Italy

Cleo & Ari

April 2021

Ari idolised his father and then discovers after his death that his parent had concealed a sordid secret for many years. His image of his perfect family and childhood is[…]

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Mallorca, Spain

Gaby & Angel

April 2021

Angelino Diamandis, the ruling prince of Themos is Saif’s younger brother. A legendary womaniser, he is disconcerted when he meets the girl who rejected him at[…]

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