Work in Progress

Belle & Dante

Dante needs to hire a live-in girlfriend to smooth a business deal and he hires Belle, a waitress he meets in Southwest France. I used Gascony where I spend spring and summer for the background for this story and even took a trip to Paris and a snazzy hotel to cover my hero and heroine’s […]

Zoe & Raj

Zoe and Raj are the characters in the third story in my trilogy. I very much enjoyed writing this book because it was a complete change of pace from the last and my very fiery heroine. I am still in France enjoying a wonderful sunny summer and relaxing. And ironically, the more relaxed I am, […]

Raffaele & Vivi

When I dreamt up the three sisters, I knew each one of them had to be different in nature. Winnie in the first book is the eldest sister and very sensible, pretty much a peacemaker. Vivi in this second book is the fighter, who can’t stand being told what to do and who values her […]

Winnie & Eros

I like to write one trilogy every year. My current book is the first of a trilogy based on three sisters who grew up in foster care. The discovery that Winnie, Vivi and Zoe have a rich grandfather might initially seem like good news when the young women approach him for help to save the […]

Alissandru & Isla

This is a story about prejudice, possibly inspired by a re-reading of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice over the summer because that is what first took my thoughts in that direction. Alissandru’s twin married Tania whom Alissandru learned to hate. When the story begins, both my hero’s twin and his wife have died, leaving Alissandru hostile […]

Elvi & Xan

This is a standalone story. Elvi adored her family even though her adoptive mother was an alcoholic for many years and she is equally attached to her kid brother. Xan is the exact opposite, very detached from other human beings in every way, a brilliant Greek financial guru, who keeps his family and others at […]

Zac & Freddie

Third book in a new trilogy about three half-brothers, one Greek, one Italian and one Brazilian. Zac needs an heir before he can take charge of his business empire but Zac lives for his freedom. Freddie needs support to help her gain custody of her sister’s children. She thinks Zac is a manwhore and he […]

Jazz & Vitale

Second book in a new trilogy about three half-brothers, one Greek, one Italian and one Brazilian. Vitale hurt Jazz when she was a teenager and she hasn’t forgiven and forgotten. She thinks he’s a terrible conventional snob but she’s in for a surprise. Vitale is in for a surprise too when he enters into a […]

Merry & Angel

I’m currently working on a new trilogy about three half-brothers, one Greek, one Italian and one Brazilian, each of whom is set a challenge by their exasperated father. Three playboys in no hurry to grow up, eager for all the fun can life throw them but less keen on responsibility and settling down. Angel Valtinos […]

Molly & Azrael

I’m still in my retro writing phase in which I’m looking back to older style plots for inspiration. Molly is kidnapped and brought to Djalia where Azrael rescues her. It’s instant lust for both of them but this couple really don’t like each other and keep on fighting. Molly thinks Azrael is a gorgeous prig. […]

Tia & Max

My current book is a little more exotic than usual. On holiday I got nostalgic for an older-style plot which I used to read way back in the day (not saying when)! My heroine, Tia has grown up in a Brazilian convent with all the restrictions that that denotes. When her grandfather realises that she […]

Lucy & Jax

Lucy is the third sister in my trilogy and the one Polly and Ellie have been searching for and they are going to enter her life just when she needs support. Lucy had her heart broken in Spain two years earlier when she was dumped by Jax Antonakos. When they meet up again they are […]

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