Work in Progress

Molly & Azrael

I’m still in my retro writing phase in which I’m looking back to older style plots for inspiration. Molly is kidnapped and brought to Djalia where Azrael rescues her. It’s instant lust for both of them but this couple really don’t like each other and keep on fighting. Molly thinks Azrael is a gorgeous prig. […]

Tia & Max

My current book is a little more exotic than usual. On holiday I got nostalgic for an older-style plot which I used to read way back in the day (not saying when)! My heroine, Tia has grown up in a Brazilian convent with all the restrictions that that denotes. When her grandfather realises that she […]

Lucy & Jax

Lucy is the third sister in my trilogy and the one Polly and Ellie have been searching for and they are going to enter her life just when she needs support. Lucy had her heart broken in Spain two years earlier when she was dumped by Jax Antonakos. When they meet up again they are […]

Ellie & Rio

I’m currently working on the second of my ring trilogy, Ellie and Rio’s story. Ellie and Rio are very prejudiced against each other but the attraction between them is hotter than they can withstand. Ellie goes to Italy to find her father and creates havoc without meaning to do so. Rio is convinced she’s a […]

Polly & Rashad

I’ve started a new trilogy about sisters which will be called BRIDES FOR THE TAKING, each of them bequeathed a ring linked to the fathers they have never known. Tracing their birth fathers while learning the truth about the mother, who didn’t raise them will be the background for each romance. I’m currently working on […]

Pixie & Apollo

Apollo is a legendary playboy and Pixie hates him on sight, not least because he spoils her best friend’s wedding by making a nasty best man’s speech. But Pixie’s brother has a gambling habit while Apollo learns that unless he wants to lose everything he has always taken for granted he has to marry. Since […]

Holly & Vito

I’m currently writing the first of a Duet linked pair of books based on Christmas and scheduled for release in December 2016 and January 2017. My sexy Italian banker, Vito Zaffari takes refuge from scandal in a Dartmoor cottage and my heroine, Holly goes off the road at the foot of the lane. They spend […]

Ella & Nikolai

I’m working hard on my 100th book and it’s been a challenge. Nikolai is tough and his sole focus is on revenge. Ella falls hard for him but has no suspicion that he pursued her out of anything other than desire. Nikolai tries to keep the truth from her and redeem himself but the truth […]

Jemima & Luciano

I’m currently working on Jemima’s story. Jemima is a twin and the sister she grew up without is dead, leaving behind a baby she gave birth to as a surrogate. My heroine adores the baby which she has been raising practically from birth but the little boy’s father wants his son. Jemima has been pretending […]

Polly & Gaetano

I’m now working on Poppy’s story, which is a stand-alone book. Poppy is the housekeeper’s daughter who had a crush on the employer’s son, Gaetano Leonetti. Gaetano is a very ambitious banker and not a people person. Poppy is the exact opposite and when her mother is in a situation where she desperately needs help […]

Delilah & Bastien

Grace and Leo’s story has been accepted and I’m about to begin Bastien and Delilah’s story. Bastien and Leo are half-brothers. In this second book, Bastien is very much a bad boy with a reputation that has come between him and the woman he wants. Delilah turned him down flat when he first met her […]

Grace & Leo

Since November I’ve been working on Grace’s story and I hope to finish it soon after Christmas. Grace is a medical student and Leo (the elder brother in the brothers duo I’m writing) is a Greek billionaire, who believes love is destructive and plans to marry his best friend. Meeting Grace wrecks his plans and […]

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