Tor & Pixie

This is the first book of a duet- two books about half-brothers, who don’t speak.

Tor has a deep dark secret that he has shared with no-one and then he gets drunk and has a one night stand with Pixie and life as he knows it suddenly comes crashing down when a baby is abandoned on his doorstep.

Is it possible for him to adapt to the changes and can he overcome his past and put it behind him?

Can Pixie trust that he can genuinely come to care for her?

UPDATE (April 2020): Pixie and Tor’s story will be called “A Baby On The Greek’s Doorstep“.

Excerpts From the Book

We have to talk

‘We have to talk when we get back,’ she breathed softly as Tor settled her down in a seat on the launch, having her carried across the beach to save her from the task of removing her shoes.

‘About what?’

‘Stuff,’ she framed flatly.

His ebony brows pleated, bronzed eyes narrowing with a dark glitter in the moonlight and she thought how gorgeous his sculpted bone structure was and of the marvel that she was actually married to such a male. All that electrifying sexiness and caring and she was still finding fault?

Was she blaming him

But Pixie didn’t believe that. She was horribly upset, all her feelings flailing with pain inside her and he was the blind focus of them. And she didn’t even know exactly what she wanted from him, only that she wasn’t receiving it. Was she blaming him for not loving her as he had loved Katerina? She stopped dead in the empty cabin next door, stricken by that suspicion because that would be absolutely unfair to Tor. And she thought of what she had thrown at him without warning and almost cringed where she stood. When had she ever acted with so little compassion before? Where had her sympathy, her understanding gone?

Another baby?

Tor mustered his poise and a decided amount of valour and breathed in deep and slow to say,’ Someday we may think of extending the family-

Pixie sent him a wide blue-eyed glance of naked disbelief.’ Oh, you can forget that,’ she said helplessly.’ Seriously, just forget that idea!’

Another baby? Was he kidding? Whatever, his expectations were seriously out of line with her own. She would be perfectly happy just to settle for Alfie… She asked herself that, couldn’t come up with a single goal because in truth without the love she craved, Tor had nothing to offer her. She was an unreasonable woman, she told herself squarely. He was gorgeous, amazing in bed and he did all the right things as if they had been programmed into him at birth. Seriously, he was the sort of guy who would never ever forget your birthday. It wasn’t love but it was the best he could offer.

So, who was she to say it wasn’t enough? Who was she in her belief that she ought to have more than the basics? This was a guy, who had told her from the start that he didn’t think he could fall in love again… that he could give her everything else but that.

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