Tia & Max

My current book is a little more exotic than usual. On holiday I got nostalgic for an older-style plot which I used to read way back in the day (not saying when)!

My heroine, Tia has grown up in a Brazilian convent with all the restrictions that that denotes. When her grandfather realises that she will be his heiress he offers my hero, Max a large inheritance if he will marry Tia and look after her until she finds her feet in the modern world. Tia falls in love with Max at virtual first sight but Max is considerably more cynical.

What will happen when Tia realises her marriage is not the dream romance she believed it was? How will she feel after she discovers that Max profited richly from marrying her? And that in fact her marriage was one of convenience?

How will Max react when he appreciates that his bride may be innocent in some ways but that she will be no man’s fool?

In no mood to understand or forgive, Tia will do the unexpected and force Max to make an effort with a woman for the first time in his life. I’m very much enjoying writing this story.

UPDATE (February 2017) : Tia and Max’s story will be called Claimed for the Leonelli Legacy.

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