Tati & Saif

This is the first book of a duet about brothers, who from no fault of their own have grown up apart and only got to know each other as adults. Both brothers are very different in nature.

Tati steps into her cousin’s shoes at the last minute when her cousin runs out on an arranged marriage. Saif is a dutiful royal son, Tatiana a dutiful niece. Tati is, however, sick and tired of people pushing her around and using her for their for their own ends. Being blackmailed into marrying Saif in her cousin’s place is the last straw. While she finally learns how to stand up for herself, Saif finds himself dealing with the explosive fallout. Accustomed to a quiet orderly life, how will he adapt?

Add in seething physical attraction and a diabolical plot to defraud Tati and the stage is set for a lively story. I particularly enjoyed using Paris as a backdrop for their honeymoon. When she was seated in the rooftop bar there sipping her wine I was wishing myself into her shoes. As for the shopping expedition…sigh

UPDATE (April 2021): Tati and Saif”s story will be called “Cinderella’s Desert Baby Bombshell“.

Excerpts From the Book

For the money

Consequently, he would wed a stranger, he acknowledged, bitterness darkening his stunning green eyes.

‘Why would a spoilt English socialite want to marry me and come out here?’ he demanded in sudden incomprehension of the older man.’ For a title? Surely not?’

A look of distaste stamped Dalil’s wrinkled face.’ For the money, your royal highness, for the lavish dowry your father is prepared to pay her family,’ he replied in a tone of repugnance.’ They will be greatly enriched by this marriage and that is why you will wish to divorce her as soon as possible. ‘

Sight unseen

‘You are very brave,’ Daliya told her as her hair was being combed out.

‘Why do you say that?’

‘You are marrying a man you have never seen, never spoken to…or have you and the Prince met up in secret?’ she prompted with unconcealed curiosity.

‘No, we haven’t. Isn’t that the custom here? The sight unseen thing?’ Tati queried.

She hated him!

That terrible looming apprehension which had killed her appetite had drifted away but the anger still lingered. Her face burned afresh at the recollection of being labelled a shameless gold-digger. But wasn’t that kind of woman what Prince Saif of Alharia deserved in a wife? After all, he had agreed to marry without demonstrating the smallest personal interest in his bride. He had not bothered to engineer a meeting or even a phone call with her cousin before the wedding! So, if he was displeased with the calibre of wife he had acquired, it was all his own fault! Still fizzing with resentment, Tati shot a glance down to the far end of the cabin where her husband was working on a laptop, once again showing off his indifference to the woman he had married. She wasn’t one bit sorry that she had told him she hated him!

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