Tansy & Jude

Jude, a Greek billionaire needs a wife in a hurry after a former lover lets him down at the last minute.

Tansy is blackmailed by her greedy stepfather into marrying him but she doesn’t tell Jude that she’s bringing her baby sister with her. As someone who values honesty, this is a huge deception in Jude’s eyes.

Can Tansy cope with his dysfunctional family and his ex-girlfriend? And can Jude learn to trust a woman again?

UPDATE (Feb 2021): Tansy and Jude’s story will be called “The Greek’s Convenient Cinderella“.

Excerpts From the Book

I’m sorry… I’m calling off the wedding!

Every eye round the crowded conference table locked in astonishment to Althea Lekkas’s exquisite face when she gasped,’ I’m sorry… I’m calling off the wedding!’

‘You can’t!’ her father, Linus expostulated, jumping upright with knotted fists of fury.’ If you call it off this late in the day, I’ll disown you!’

Jude Alexandris almost laughed at that melodramatic threat from his future father-in-law, who was embarrassingly keen for the marriage to take place. After all, the Alexandris billions were a living legend and Jude was accustomed to being regarded as a literal golden goose. Not that the huge weight and purchasing power of all that money had ever made anyone in his family happy, he acknowledged grimly.

She had to play a certain role

Tansy stared woodenly down into her coffee cup, her natural colour evaporating at his assumption that she was mercenary enough to conceive a child for a profit. It hurt to remain silent, to compress her lips on the angry defensive words ready to leap off her tongue. Calvin had forced her into a tight corner where she had to play a certain role. Naturally, Jude Alexandris had assumed that she was marrying him for his money and she could not afford to tell him anything different until after the ceremony when Posy’s future would be secure.  Calvin would get his money and then he would be out of their lives, she reminded herself bracingly, thinking that at least her stepfather would never get the opportunity to use Posy the way he was using her to enrich himself.

She struggled to conceal her hurt from him

Tansy stared back at him in a fury, green eyes bright as gemstones while she struggled to conceal her hurt from him.’ Well, maybe it didn’t occur to me that someone like you would be that sensitive since you believe that you can buy anything you want…and you proved it with me,’ she completed less boldly, still shamed by that awareness.’ But I’m not one bit sorry either!’

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