Raffaele & Vivi

When I dreamt up the three sisters, I knew each one of them had to be different in nature.

Winnie in the first book is the eldest sister and very sensible, pretty much a peacemaker.

Vivi in this second book is the fighter, who can’t stand being told what to do and who values her freedom. When her grandfather puts her on a collision course with billionaire banker, Raffaele di Mancini, who misjudged her two years earlier, battle commences. Vivi hates him because once he made her want him and then dropped her cold.

Her feelings are a problem for Raffaele because he HAS to get her to agree to marry him to protect his kid sister.

As my protagonists fought in the first half of the book, I relished the fire between them because they are both very strong and stubborn characters. I’m currently working in France and loving the sunshine and the gorgeous Gascon countryside. Many a pitched battle between my hero and heroine has been plotted with a glass of a wine in one hand and a pen in the other as I jot down snatches of dialogue that occur to me, my lips moving while I picture the arguments.

Even as I was writing I didn’t know at what point Vivi would start to see sense and give Raffaele a chance because she was one of those characters, who try to take over! And as Vivi was strong, Raffaele had to be even stronger to balance her but he also had to be equally passionate, so he had to transform from being a rather controlled cool guy into a hot fiery one as he fell in love. It was a rollercoaster ride to write and now that it’s done, I’m looking forward to the third book and Zoe, who will not be the little mouse her sisters think of her as being.

UPDATE (August 2018): Raffaele and Vivi’s story will be called The Italian Demands His Heirs.

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