Polly & Rashad

I’ve started a new trilogy about sisters which will be called BRIDES FOR THE TAKING, each of them bequeathed a ring linked to the fathers they have never known. Tracing their birth fathers while learning the truth about the mother, who didn’t raise them will be the background for each romance.

I’m currently working on Polly’s story.

Polly inherits an ancient fire opal ring and the name of her father and his country. Armed with such paltry facts she flies out to the Middle East and gets arrested at the airport before being taken to the royal palace.

Rashad is the King and the ring rightfully belongs to him but an old legend about his family causes great excitement in his country and he is faced with the need to marry Polly.

Polly is a bit of love-at-first-sight young woman until she takes cold feet after the wedding. Rashad doesn’t want to be married even though he asked Polly to marry him. Polly longs for real emotion and love from a male brought up to hide his feelings and do his duty. Add in an explosive sexual attraction and you have a couple sure to clash many times before they find their happy ending. I’m having fun with this story.

UPDATE (June 2016): Polly and Rashad’s story has been accepted and will be called The Desert King’s Blackmailed Bride.

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