Pixie & Apollo

Apollo is a legendary playboy and Pixie hates him on sight, not least because he spoils her best friend’s wedding by making a nasty best man’s speech. But Pixie’s brother has a gambling habit while Apollo learns that unless he wants to lose everything he has always taken for granted he has to marry. Since he has no intention of settling down long term, he thinks he can buy and blackmail his way out trouble.

Apollo is a bad boy, who has never had any reason to be anything else while Pixie has always distrusted and feared men. Together, Apollo and Pixie make fireworks but will Apollo ever learn that emotions are something that he doesn’t always have to suppress? And will Pixie ever learn to trust him?

Writing this story has been hugely enjoyable for me and it has galloped along at a breakneck pace which I hope will make it an equally fast and furious read for my readers.

UPDATE (March 2016): Apollo and Pixie’s story is accepted and will be titled THE GREEK’S CHRISTMAS BRIDE.

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