Milly & Lorenzo

This is an amnesia plot and the first I’ve tackled in a very long time. I wanted a story with loads of emotional angst and drama and here it is.

Lorenzo is a banker in the middle of a much-wanted divorce. Milly is a waitress with a glamorous sister, called Brooke whom she occasionally sees. And then there is a car crash and all their lives are thrown into chaos.

Will Lorenzo ever get his divorce? Will Milly have the courage to go after the man she wants? Will she fight for him?

I really gave both my hero and heroine a rough time in this story and it was both challenging and very entertaining to write.

I hope the reader enjoys it as much as I did.

UPDATE (December 2019): Milly and Lorenzo’s story will be called “The Innocent’s Forgotten Wedding“.

Excerpts From the Book

He won’t listen to a word I say!:

‘He won’t listen to a word I say!’ Brooke had wept when she confided in Milly.’ He set me up because he wants rid of me. I’m convinced he paid that creep to lure me in to a hotel room and lie about having sex with me!’

‘Brooke?’ Milly exclaimed warmly as she answered her phone.

‘I need you to pretend to be me for a few days-‘

‘A few… days?’ Milly stressed in dismay for that request went far beyond anything her sister had asked of her before.’ Are you sure I’ll be able to manage that? I’m OK until people speak to me and expect me to be you!’

The police called Lorenzo when he was on the way out to lunch:

He froze as the grim facts of the crash were recited. The driver was dead, one of his staff. The other passenger was dead. What other passenger? he wondered dimly, reeling in shock from what he was hearing. His wife was seriously injured and he was being advised to get to the hospital as soon as possible. He would visit the driver’s family too to offer his condolences, he registered numbly.

No, he couldn’t be her husband, she decided immediately:

He had to be some sleek highly qualified consultant come to suss her out. Instinct seemed to be telling her that her husband would be a much more ordinary sort, maybe a bit homely, a bit tousled but when his wife woke up after being in a coma, he would, at least, be smiling with relief and happiness. This guy didn’t look like he smiled very often. He was downright intimidating even in the way he stood there, radiating raw masculinity and authority.

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