Merry & Angel

I’m currently working on a new trilogy about three half-brothers, one Greek, one Italian and one Brazilian, each of whom is set a challenge by their exasperated father. Three playboys in no hurry to grow up, eager for all the fun can life throw them but less keen on responsibility and settling down.

Angel Valtinos is the eldest son and when a one night stand makes him a father he can’t run far enough or fast enough to protect himself from the consequences. But when human nature kicks in Angel wants to meet his child. Merry, however, having been badly burned by his rough treatment and wants nothing more to do with him.

Can this conflicted couple ever come together again? Can Angel’s motives be trusted? Does he want Merry or simply a legal right to his child?

If Angel doesn’t know what he wants-and he hasn’t a clue-how can his renewed interest cause anything but trouble? And how can Merry ever get over her hurt and her hate for the man who humiliated her?

Wanting a man after all doesn’t mean she has to like or respect him.

UPDATE (November 2017) : Merry and Angel’s story will be called The Secret Valtinos Baby.

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