Lucy & Jax

Lucy is the third sister in my trilogy and the one Polly and Ellie have been searching for and they are going to enter her life just when she needs support.

Lucy had her heart broken in Spain two years earlier when she was dumped by Jax Antonakos. When they meet up again they are immediately in conflict. Lucy doesn’t trust him. Jax doesn’t trust her. And their respective fathers absolutely hate each other which doesn’t help.

Add in a cute toddler and the scene is set for misunderstandings galore and the primal passion that neither of them can resist. Is it possible for Jax to accept that he made a mistake and that he can love even though the object of his love isn’t perfect? Is it possible for Lucy to understand and forgive? Or will she take the escape route her sisters offer and start life afresh? I’ve had a lot of fun writing the story of this lively couple, both of whom are equally cynical, defensive and distrustful. Neither of them will acknowledge love. I hope you enjoy it too.

UPDATE: Lucy and Jax’s story will be called Sold For The Greek’s Heir.

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