Lizzie & Cesare

I’m currently working on a pair of connected books about two sisters. The elder sister is called Lizzie and my hero is an Italian called Cesare. Lizzie has been farming for years when her highly sophisticated billionaire industrialist rolls up and persuades her into a marriage of convenience so that he can buy back the island which used to belong to his family. At the outset it seems as though this couple have nothing in common. Cesare was badly burned by his first love and Lizzie’s fiancee betrayed her. Both of them are trying to be very sensible but passion is tipping commonsense off the rails. As they embark on their glorious honeymoon in Tuscany, Cesare sets out to seduce his wife…but what will happen when his first love turns up again?

UPDATE (October 2014): Lizzie’s book will be titled THE BILLIONAIRE’S BRIDAL BARGAIN.

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