Letty & Leo

This is very much a Christmas story.

Leo takes on his sister’s four children after she dies and even with a nanny rota struggles to cope with four kids under 5. For that reason he decides he needs a wife, a platonic wife because Leo had always kept a mistress for that side of things.

Letty was a trainee doctor until her family’s problems force her to abandon her training and when Leo offers to solve all those problems for her if she marries him, she agrees.

Constantly meeting Leo’s exes upsets her from the day of the wedding. Leo is a commitment phobe and when his attraction to Letty becomes more than he can suppress he offers her an alternative option and when Letty, who is a real brainbox, gives him her take on things, she becomes an even bigger challenge to him.

This is a very evenly matched couple, neither of whom wish to back down in their convictions and that was what I most appreciated when writing this book.

UPDATE (May 2019): Letty and Leo’s story will be called “The Greek’s Surprise Christmas Bride“.

Excerpts From the Book

To find that wife:

He suppressed a groan, knowing exactly where he would head to find that wife. Six years ago, he had been offered a bride from the Livas family, a practical dynastic marriage which would have ended the competition between the two shipping companies, amalgamated them and made him the heir to both empires. That alliance had offered him an enormous profit and tremendous prospects and the proposed bride was a beauty …but even so, he had hesitated. Leo had loved his freedom and still did and the potential bride had hinted at a dangerous desire for his fidelity and he had baulked at that tripwire and backed off fast.

If you’re willing:

‘If you’re willing to do whatever it takes to help your family, Leo is the man to approach. I will text you the phone number.  Furthermore, if you were to reach an agreement with Leo, I will invite you into my home and introduce you to Greek society,’ the older man informed her loftily in the tone of someone, who believed he was offering her some great honour.


‘Your ten o’clock appointment is asleep in reception,’ One of Leo’s assistants informed him.

Asleep? Theos…how was she contriving to sleep on the brink of potentially meeting her future husband?   It did not occur to Leo that Isidore Livas would have been foolish enough to send his granddaughter to see him without that all important proposal having being outlined in advance. He hadn’t expected to meet her quite so quickly, however, had assumed it would take at least a week to set up such a meeting. He was allowing the necessary time for Letty to make whatever effort she could to look her best to meet the expectations of a billionaire seeking a bride.

What about her sex life?:

Letty rode home and Leo need not have worried that exhaustion would make her a less than cautious rider. Leo had set off a chain reaction inside her head. Out of his presence, she could think again, see possibilities and spot the issues he had overlooked. What about her sex life?  Was she expected to keep a male version of a mistress somewhere? Or was she supposed to cross her legs like the virgin she was and get by without sex?

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