Izzy & Rafiq

I’m writing a duet-a pair of books- about non-identical twins.

Izzy is my first. A student, she is working as a cleaner when a very handsome male walks out of a shower half-naked and she christens him,’ bathroom guy’. Rafiq is the future ruler of Zenara but he doesn’t admit that to Izzy and when his relationship with Izzy goes pear-shaped, she has to track him down.

Angry about that, she confronts him but the consequences are not what she expects. As they both fight their attraction to each other, a very basic misunderstanding ensues and Izzy can see no way forward out of the situation that develops.

UPDATE (Feb 2020): Izzy and Rafiq’s story will be called “Cinderella’s Royal Secret“.

Excerpts From the Book

So late:

Izzy groaned out loud when she checked her watch. She was late, she was so late and if the cleaning agency she worked for learned that she had missed a regular booking, she would be sacked without question. And she couldn’t afford to be sacked, not with thousands of pounds of student loan debt already stacked up behind her and certainly not with parents who were always in need of a financial helping hand.

In truth, her twin sister, Maya did most of the helping out but then Maya didn’t need to get down on her hands and knees to scrub floors to make money. No, Maya was a real brainbox in the mathematics field, so bright she was off the scale and had started university at the age of sixteen. Maya had qualified for scholarships and grants and had won awards throughout her education and if she needed to make some extra cash on the side there was always some special project keen to hire Maya to juggle numbers and work her special magic. Unfortunately, Izzy had none of those advantages and had to do menial jobs so that she could chip in with much smaller amounts to help keep their family afloat.

An ocean of darkness:

At that point the world around Izzy went crazy as cries of disbelief, shock and rapped out exchanges in a foreign language broke out over her head. Overpowered by it all, she stood up because her back was aching and she was feeling queasy. An ocean of darkness instantly enfolded her and she dropped without a sound into a dead faint. Pandemonium broke out while she was unconscious and rushed into an ambulance with a police escort.

Izzy surfaced back to consciousness in a bedroom so splendid that she was disorientated. Not a hospital, not a hotel either. Still full clothed, only her shoes removed, she was lying on a grand four poster bed with a trio of doctors standing at the foot of it, giving names that she instantly forgot while assuring her that she was in the safest of places because she was in the royal palace.

I didn’t choose this life:

‘I didn’t choose this life, Izzy,’ Rafiq fielded almost harshly.’ I was born into it and it imposed frustrating limits even when I was a little boy. Couldn’t do this, couldn’t that, couldn’t be seen as a future king to do many things, couldn’t be allowed to do anything that might seem too bold or different or aggressive or dangerous. There was an endless list of prohibitions and rules to follow, so, yes, I do know a great deal about making the best of a situation.’

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