Holly & Vito

I’m currently writing the first of a Duet linked pair of books based on Christmas and scheduled for release in December 2016 and January 2017.

My sexy Italian banker, Vito Zaffari takes refuge from scandal in a Dartmoor cottage and my heroine, Holly goes off the road at the foot of the lane. They spend a snowbound passionate night together on Christmas Eve and Holly gets pregnant. If she marries Vito, will she adapt to his very privileged background or continue to feel like a fish out of water in his world? Will Vito learn what love is and send it Holly’s way? Will he ever learn to enjoy Christmas?

This is a warm and exciting story about two very different personalities falling in love and a very welcome change from the darker intensity of my 100th book. The second book featuring the volatile Apollo Metraxis and Holly’s outspoken friend, Pixie will be full of fireworks.

UPDATE (March 2016): Vito and Holly’s story has been accepted and will be titled THE ITALIAN’S CHRISTMAS CHILD.

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