Grace & Leo

Since November I’ve been working on Grace’s story and I hope to finish it soon after Christmas. Grace is a medical student and Leo (the elder brother in the brothers duo I’m writing) is a Greek billionaire, who believes love is destructive and plans to marry his best friend.

Meeting Grace wrecks his plans and Leo is not a guy who finds it easy to compromise or change his opinions. Grace wants Leo even though she thinks he’s seriously bad for her but she also wants a lot of things that Leo is unwilling to give. Who will surrender first?

They are a very well-matched couple but Leo is very stubborn and unemotional. Will Grace break through his tough facade before she walks away from him? At this stage of the story she is struggling to be optimistic while Leo is concentrating on being logical and practical. Romance? He doesn’t know how to do that but if he’s going to keep Grace he’s going to have to learn sooner rather than later.

UPDATE (February 2015): Grace and Leo story will be called The Greek Demands His Heir due for release August 2015.

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