Elvi & Xan

This is a standalone story.

Elvi adored her family even though her adoptive mother was an alcoholic for many years and she is equally attached to her kid brother.

Xan is the exact opposite, very detached from other human beings in every way, a brilliant Greek financial guru, who keeps his family and others at a distance.

Fabulously rich, he lives in his own little cocoon of exclusivity and changes mistresses every couple of months. When a theft apparently takes place in his penthouse he is outraged and he isn’t the kind of man anyone can approach to explain that there’s been a misunderstanding.

Wanting Elvi, he offers her a proposition and to save her family from dire consequences, Elvi is forced to accept his terms..

But what eventually happens between Xan and Elvi is unexpectedly, life-changing for Xan. Suddenly he sees the world and himself in a different and not very flattering light and it is this aspect of the book that I most enjoyed writing.

I wrote this book in France. I like to start work early in the morning and finish late afternoon. If I’ve had a good day’s work I want to go out after it and I will reward myself with wine in the sunshine or dinner out. there’s a beautiful lake ringed by trees not far from the house where we stay and there is no greater pleasure than sitting outside the little bar with a drink and enjoying the tranquil beauty of my surroundings. I was there when I first came up with the ideas for Elvi and Xan’s story and their predicament. I don’t want to add any more information which could be deemed a spoiler, so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait to read it and find out what happens.

UPDATE (August 2018): Elvi and Xan’s story is The Greek’s Blackmailed Mistress.

Excerpts From the Book

Off the first page of Elvi’s story:

‘I don’t want you anymore,’ Xan countered, losing patience, beginning to wonder how the hell he had enjoyed even one encounter with the brunette infused as she was with astronomical vanity.

‘Where am I supposed to go?’ Fabiana demanded abruptly, studying him in frustration, silently recognising that she was unlikely to ever have a better looking man in her bed. Six foot three tall and beautifully built, his black hair cropped short over a lean devastatingly handsome face, the Greek financial guru, Xan Ziakis would be a very hard act to follow and without him she would lose access to the exclusive events she had so much enjoyed.

Elvi snippets:

When she was still meeting her mother out of work to accompany her to AA meetings, she had seen Xan Ziakis coming home on several occasions while she sat waiting in the foyer of the luxury apartment block. And he was gorgeous to look at, absolutely unmistakably gorgeous.

But realistically, what could she do? (To save her family)

Go and speak to Xan Ziakis in the hope that there was a streak of mercy beneath that designer suit and that frightening reputation for ruthless aggression and financial self-aggrandisement? Some hope, she mused wretchedly, feeling horribly weak and small and powerless.

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