Ella & Nikolai

I’m working hard on my 100th book and it’s been a challenge. Nikolai is tough and his sole focus is on revenge. Ella falls hard for him but has no suspicion that he pursued her out of anything other than desire. Nikolai tries to keep the truth from her and redeem himself but the truth always has to come out. Can Ella rise above the blow to her ego and understand his motives? Can Nikolai convince Ella that he truly loves her? Those are my challenges and though it hasn’t been easy I’m enjoying writing about this very passionate and intense couple.

UPDATE (November 2015): The 100th book will be called “Bought for the Greek’s Revenge“. It will be published in June 2016. In the meantime Harlequin have put together a behind the scenes video about the photoshoot. USA Today are putting together a blog and will be featuring the behind the scenes video.

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