Delilah & Bastien

Grace and Leo’s story has been accepted and I’m about to begin Bastien and Delilah’s story. Bastien and Leo are half-brothers.

In this second book, Bastien is very much a bad boy with a reputation that has come between him and the woman he wants. Delilah turned him down flat when he first met her and the sting of her rejection is still fresh for a male unused to such treatment. Bastien doesn’t care what he has to do or how low he has to sink to get Delilah into bed but sadly for him, he hasn’t thought beyond that point. Delilah hates and distrusts him because he’s a womaniser but will that be enough to armour her against his undeniable attraction? Well, this is a love story, so I’m quite sure that you the reader know as well as I do that Bastien’s bad boy appeal will initially triumph but it’s more than likely that he will have to make changes to meet Delilah’s high expectations.

UPDATE (April 2015): Delilah and Bastien’s story has been sold.

Delilah and Bastien’s story will be called The Greek Commands His Mistress due for release September 2015.

The duet of books will be called: The Notorious Greeks… and the women they claim!

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