Chrissie & Jaul

I’m about halfway through the story of Lizzie’s kid sister, who got married in secret at university to a Gulf State Prince and lived to rue the day.

Jaul approaches Chrissie for a divorce, only the situation is not quite what he assumed and he ends up using a legal contract she signed to force her into coming back to him. Chrissie is very very fiery and hugely resentful of the heartache he caused her when he deserted her two years earlier. Jaul is very proud and extremely reluctant to explain himself because telling Chrissie exactly why he let her down will entail showing his vulnerable side.

They are also at odds over what she said his beloved and now dead father told her. Will he ever believe her? Will she ever forgive him for lining up a replacement wife? Chrissie is not the forgiving type and Jaul is not the compromising type. This is a couple who clash again and again but there is great passion between them. Somehow they have to find a way to put a peaceable slant on the mistakes they made in the past, somehow they have to get past the distrust and misconceptions that tore them apart as newly marrieds. I have to confess I’m working very hard and thinking deep on how best to bring them together because the plot I chose is a challenge. I’m enjoying writing it though and only hope my readers enjoy it as much.

UPDATE (October 2014): Chrissie’s book will be titled THE SHEIKH’S SECRET BABIES.

I have spent the last month revising my second book in the sisters duo and making extensive changes. Revisions are the bane of every writer’s life. Sometimes a book goes off course and you’re too close to it as the writer to see the problem. That’s why writers have editors and the hope is that between you, author and editor, you can together polish up and produce a better book, which should mean a more enjoyable experience for you, the reader.

Hopefully that will be the result. I’m still feeling a bit shell-shocked by being locked into the same book and characters for so many months and am currently trying to get back on track thinking out my first of two brother books.

I will lead myself into the new book gently by first picking names and backgrounds and then I will put a new board up on Pinterest to stimulate my ideas. That’s the starting block of the story for me.

Pinterest board for Chrissie.

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