Billie & Gio

Just as an example of how mercurial the writing brain can be – for my next project I had planned to base a book in Tenerife and had a perfectly acceptable plot sitting ready. But another idea took over and suddenly the Tenerife story didn’t seem sufficiently tempting. I write best when I’m excited about an idea, about the characters or the plot, so I’m going with the new idea.

I’m now one week into a standalone story absolutely crammed with intense emotional conflict and it’s charging along like an express train.

Gio Damakis married another woman two years earlier and now he’s divorced and he wants Billie back. Billie can’t forgive and forget but the insane attraction between her and her oil billionaire is still very hot. She has a big secret of her own which will blow Gio’s plans for her right out of the water and change everything. Can Gio learn what love is, accept how much he hurt Billie and trust his own feelings? Can Billie ever accept that he put another woman first? Can what initially pulled them apart bring them closer together?

Yes, I’m really enjoying the passion in this one.

UPDATE (27 May, 2014): Billie and Gio’s story will be published as THE SECRET HIS MISTRESS CARRIED.

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