Betsy & Nik

The second book in the trilogy based on brothers called THE LEGACIES OF POWERFUL MEN.

I have now moved on to Nik’s story and am already halfway through the first chapter. My heroine, Betsy is having a very tough time going through a divorce because her estranged husband, Nik is behaving badly. It’s his fault she threw him out of the house but he wouldn’t explain the deception he had practised on her and as we meet him he is utterly convinced that she wrecked their marriage by wanting a baby. This a very emotional and passionate plot and I’m loving it. Events will intervene and force both my characters into challenging situations and the secrets between them will multiply until someone decides to finally come clean and heal the damage with the truth.

UPDATE (15 Nov, 2013): I’m now halfway through Nik’s story and both he and Betsy are having a hard time, both of them hurting but not sharing and it really does feel like the most powerful story I’ve ever written because there are some very deep emotions driving my characters in this particular book and a secret that the hero cannot bear to share. All the stories I write feel very strong and current WHILE I’m writing them because my hero and heroine are constantly in my head exchanging bits of dialogue and feel as real to me as people standing in front of me do- only I don’t rush off to write down their words on the nearest scrap of a paper before I forget them. There are always scribbled notes of dialogue and ideas lying around my desk. I’m rushing on with this story because I want it finished by Christmas and ideally even sooner but when I’m writing i can never tell how long it will take me to finish because some days the words flow and some days they don’t and you need to work out what’s wrong and fix it before you can move on again. Today was a good day for work and I feel I can enjoy my weekend with a clean conscience.

UPDATE (6 Feb, 2014): Nik and Betsy’s story is complete and will be called “Christakis’s Rebellious Wife“.

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