Alissandru & Isla

This is a story about prejudice, possibly inspired by a re-reading of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice over the summer because that is what first took my thoughts in that direction.

Alissandru’s twin married Tania whom Alissandru learned to hate.

When the story begins, both my hero’s twin and his wife have died, leaving Alissandru hostile and grieving and yes, prejudiced when he learns that his brother has left all his worldly goods to Tania’s kid sister.

Isla is looking after a remote Scottish croft for a few weeks for her relatives and Alissandru tracks her down there, keen to persuade her to sell his brother’s house on his estate back to him. Shocking events take place when they are snowed in together. This is a story with a lot of twists and turns with developments not leading to the expected conclusion, so be prepared for that aspect although I always deliver my happy ending! Sometimes I like to do something a little different.

This couple fight their attraction to each other every step of the way. Alissandru isn’t ready to settle down and knowing that knowing that, Isla tries to steer clear but Alissandru can’t manage to keep his distance. I hope that the tale of how they battle entertains you.

UPDATE (August 2018) : Alissandru and Isla’s story is The Italian’s Inherited Mistress.

Excerpts From the Book

Book opening:

‘That’s impossible…I don’t believe it!’ Alissandru Rossetti erupted from his chair in the midst of the reading of his brother’s will, rigid with outraged disbelief.’ Why the hell would Paulu leave that little slut anything?’ he demanded of the room at large.

At their first meeting:

‘I’m so sorry about your loss,’ Isla muttered uncomfortably.’ Paulu was a very special person and I liked him a great deal-‘

‘Did you indeed?’ Alissandru flared back at her, eyes sparking bright as the sun in his darkly handsome features, an oddity in his stance and intonation that struck a wrong note. ’ Tell me, when did you start sleeping with him?’

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